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Thomas Roccia
Thomas Roccia
“There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Hello Friend!
🔥Welcome to this number 8 edition of my newsletter!
It has been couple weeks since my last issue, I was dealing with my move in Australia and finding a new house. Melbourne is a fantastic city, and I tried some delicious food here, such as a chunky hot dog (I think it is Korean food though) and I also tried Vegemite. I must say that my palate is probably not adapted to it yet!🤢
Chunky hot dog: Basically, a fried sausage with cheese and potatoes!
Chunky hot dog: Basically, a fried sausage with cheese and potatoes!
We get the new house last week and we are currently buying all the furniture’s, for now the comfort is pretty spartiate but that is okay. All my setup is currently being shipped and will arrive soon. I am looking forward to having my 3D printers and all my tools to start again some new projects. 
Anyway, the past few weeks has been quite interesting from a geopolitics and cybersecurity perspective. I am not going to discuss the current events in Ukraine and Russia, but this has some repercussion in the cyberspace. Many reports have already been published and I condensed some of them in this newsletter. I also created an overview of the malware dubbed HermeticWiper that has been used in cyberattacks in Ukraine.
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Via @jfslowik
Via @jfslowik
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Thomas Roccia
Thomas Roccia @fr0gger_

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