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Security Highlight - Issue #7

Thomas Roccia
Thomas Roccia
Hello Friend!
I am writing these lines to you from Melbourne Australia. The journey was quite exhausting from France and now a new race has started, we have to find a new house, a new car, new friends… Some challenges when you arrive in a new city, luckily the people are very friendly here. The temporary apartment where we are staying for our first month has an amazing view of the CBD and I must admit working from here is very exciting. 😍
Melbourne in the early morning
Melbourne in the early morning
In the next coming weeks, as soon as we are installed, you can expect new contents such as some infographics and cheat sheet, blogs and RE tips. Keep an eye to the Unprotect Project. 😀
Some interesting write up has been published this week, here is my selection, including the meme of the week.
Enjoy your read!
Hunting with weak signals - Stairwell
BreadMan Module Stomping & API Unhooking Using Native APIs | by Brendan | Jan, 2022 | Medium
Analysis of Xloader’s C2 Network Encryption | Zscaler
Evolved phishing: Device registration trick adds to phishers’ toolbox for victims without MFA - Microsoft Security Blog
Prime Minister’s Office Compromised: Details of Recent Espionage Campaign
Meme of the week
via @sloppy_bear
via @sloppy_bear
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Thomas Roccia
Thomas Roccia @fr0gger_

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