Security Highlight

By Thomas Roccia

An occasional newsletter where you will get useful cybersecurity content for your career and your daily work. 🤟

An occasional newsletter where you will get useful cybersecurity content for your career and your daily work. 🤟

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Security Highlight - Issue #11

🔥Welcome to this number 11 edition of my newsletter!It's been a while since I wrote to you. Time flies and I've been quite busy with several ongoing projects, but I felt it was time to update you a bit on what's going on.I released my new website that host mo…


Security Highlight - Issue #10

🔥Welcome to this number 10 edition of my newsletter!As always, several things happened over the past weeks in the infosec world.I am glad to announce that I will be presenting the Unprotect Project at the OWASP chapter in Sydney at the end of April. The Unpro…


Security Highlight - Issue #9

🔥Welcome to this number 9 edition of my newsletter!I hope everyone is safe with this current tough time. My thoughts are directed to people in Ukraine, and I really hope everything will be better soon. From here in Australia, we feel a bit isolated from what …


Security Highlight - Issue #8

🔥Welcome to this number 8 edition of my newsletter!It has been couple weeks since my last issue, I was dealing with my move in Australia and finding a new house. Melbourne is a fantastic city, and I tried some delicious food here, such as a chunky hot dog (I …


Security Highlight - Issue #7

I am writing these lines to you from Melbourne Australia. The journey was quite exhausting from France and now a new race has started, we have to find a new house, a new car, new friends... Some challenges when you arrive in a new city, luckily the people are…


Security Highlight - Issue #6

This week has been a bit intense on my end, preparing for my move to Melbourne next week. Lots of things to sort and pack, it's unbelievable how many things we keep over the years! 🌏Travelling to Australia requires a bit of organisation. But the good things w…


Security Highlight - Happy New Year 2022

Hope you had a good time during the annual holiday season. For me it was a good opportunity to spend time with family and reflect on the past year!If you don't know yet, I recently changed jobs. After working for McAfee in the Advanced Threat Research team fo…


Security Highlight #4

Hello everyone, in today's newsletter I wanted to share some great infographics related to the Log4Shell vulnerability with you. The infosec community has been incredible over the past few weeks in responding to this threat. I've compiled some summary infogra…


Security Highlight #3

Last week the Log4Shell vulnerability was released, and the entire world was on fire. In this Security Highlight edition, you will find interesting resources about this vulnerability to understand how it works and what to do against it. Log4Shell Zero-day Exp…


Security Highlight #2

Analysing patches when working on vulnerability analysis can quickly help you understand what code has been patched and where the vulnerability was located. On Windows environment, these patches are released in a MSU (Microsoft Standalone Update) file. I rele…


Newsletter of Thomas Roccia

Welcome to my newsletter, I am a security researcher. I used to share cybersecurity content primarily on threat intelligence, malware, and hacking, but I occasionally share content related to 3D printing. One of my most popular work is my security illustratio…